Dum Dum Girls - On Christmas + free download

I only post tunes here from bands that I've heard of and to be honest I'd never heard of the Dum Dum girls before they released Merry Xmas, Baby (Please Don't Die) their collaboration with Crocodiles a few years back, but I liked it and since then they've released a number of great tunes. This year they've released "On Christmas" a track recorded at Converse's rubber tracks project and part of their "Noise to the World 2" compilation. Listen to it below and download for free too. :)

Also I've had an email from the Magic Numbers. They are releasing a Christmas song to coincide with their Christmas tour. More info when they give it.


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  2. Oh wow - always loved the little drummer boy - my fave Christmas Gourmet Hampers delivery song!


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