Whyte Horses, MxPx and The Staves

Whyte Horses gave us Empty Words at the start of the year and it must have made some sort of an  impact cos it got to me. Now they've given us one original Christmas song and a cover of Coldest Night of the Year a Vashti Bunyan song. I prefer the cover not only to the original track here but to the original version. So I'll pop that below for you. Thanks to @Santapalooza for the heads up.  

MxPx were just one of those bands that my friends liked when I was a teenager but they have a Christmas album and damn their track Christmas Day is awesome. This year they've updated the digital version of that Christmas mini album and thrown in a new track for good measure. It's nowt special but it's ok and that's about as damning as this song can manage to make me..... Don't usually add songs I don't like here and I don't dislike this it's just it's not as good as they have been.

Then thanks to the awesome Christmas Underground  we were given the heads …

Alternative Christmas Music: 2018's Playlist

It's the start of December and as usual I post my playlist. It's my 14th playlist which is ridiculous to think about. I make a CD of these songs to send to my best of friends instead of Christmas cards. It's a mix of old and new as usual. Saving some of this years better stuff for next year. Please enjoy and send any feedback to @xmassongblog on the twitter. 
Little Saint Nick - Best CoastChristmas Wrapping - Belle and SebastianWonderful Christmas Time - Mac Demarco   Silent Night - The Polyphonic Spree   Thanksgiving Song (Kill the Turkey) - The NationalAll I Want for Christmas Is You - Charly BlissLonely Man of Winter - Sufjan Stevens 2,000 Miles - Mark Kozelek   White Christmas - London Grammar                                            Feliz Navidad - Shame Driving Under Stars - Marika Hackman             I Am the Grinch (feat. Fletcher Jones) - Tyler, The CreatorGod Red Ye Merry Gentlemen - Bright Eyes         Hey Mr. Santa - KT Tunstall         Christmas in Antarctica…

Happy Hanukkah, Alternative Hanukkah songs.

Hanukkah starts this evening and to celebrate I thought we'd run down a few songs I've picked up on over the years that are dedicated to the festival of lights. Happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating.

Woody Guthrie - Hanukkah Dance. The classic Hanukkah song from the Grandaddy of American Folk.

Rogue Wave - Christmas for the Jews, in which the singer comes to terms with being Jewish during the Christmas period.

Stephen Colbert with Jon Stewart - Can I interest you in Hanukkah. Yeah I know it's a comedy song but it's a good one. Gently prodding Judaism and Christianity in all the right places.

Finally for now I have The Minus Five with their offering from this year Festival of Lights (hanukkah song).

I outright don't intend this post to stop here but that's all I have for now. Please send any suggestions you have and I'll update this year on year. Get me on @Xmassongblog on twitter or email

Best Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas covers

Ok done a few of these now, where I compile the finest alternative versions of a particular Christmas song. This time its Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. The original from Meet Me in St Louis comes at a rather sad moment in the film. This seems to give acts a decision, either to take it on with the original sombre tone or to follow the lyrics and inject some Merry into the proceedings. I've chosen ten so i'll count them down finishing with my favourite.

10. Maricka Hackman goes the sad route injecting the longing from the film, but don't let that put you off, it's beautiful take with distorted vocals to keep it interesting

9. My Morning Jacket are no happier but their version is no less lovely. An acoustic guitar and a voice for most of this.

8 . Do you remember when Coldplay were a genuinely interesting alternative act? I am afraid I'm old enough. This is almost a crooners version, straight of a Jo Whiley live session for BBC Radio One.

7. Cat Power's …

Phoebe Bridgers, Wavves and The Beths all give us Christmas tunes in a day.

Oh it suddenly got busy yesterday with three offerings from Alternative musics recent favourites. First up is Phoebe Bridgers who had one of just about everybody's favourite albums of last year.
It's slow and low and damn right miserable sounding, without listening carefully to the lyrics or the sleigh bells you'd think it was straight of her much acclaimed debut album. Still it's quite lovely and shoe in for one of our playlists... probably next year now as this years is kinda done. Anyways it's a cover that i'm afraid to say I do't know and it features Jackson Browne who is a apparently an iconic singer/songwriter.... Again means nothing to me much....

Also yesterday we had Wavves, they showed up with a Christmas double in the way of Emo Christmas and it's b-side So glad it's Christmas. After all these years there are a few bands i barely know outside of their Christmas songs. Wavves is one of those bands. Last year they gave us their take on Chri…

Still Catching up.... Advance Base, Pale Waves and more The National

Just a few songs I forgot to mention in my last post.

This first I can be excused cos it was released in September!!! That's no time to be releasing christmas music, but I suppose it's not very Christmassy and it's not really about Christmas but that sort of thing has never stopped us before, its got Christmas in the title so it's good by us. Advance Base have been releasing Christmas music for a good while under their different guises. In fact a few years back they rolled them all into one for their Christmas Mixtape. This year their Animal Companionship Album included this track called Christmas in Nightmare City. It's rather Sun Kil Moon but considering Mark Kozelek's Christmas Album is probably my favourite Christmas full length album (it's certainly the only CD stays in my car all year round) I'm happy about that. Check it out below and it's available on Bandcamp now.

I've also picked up on this, last year The Minus Five a sorta side projec…

Bloody hell it's 2018

Heeeeeeelo, you remember when I told you I was getting married two years ago..... No..... oh..... well I did tell you, you can check if you want. Well that wedding was just over a month ago and the honeymoon I've just got back from. Basically what I'm trying to say is, sorry I'm late.

With all that out of the way lets have a first peek at what Christmas 2018 is offering. In our usual fashion you won't get a large selection of tracks from us. If you need to know the latest thing might we suggest you visit the awesome Christmas Underground  (@xmasunderground on that twitter thing) or the legendary Stubby's House of Christmas both will give you more Christmas tunes than you could possibly listen to, nothing gets past them we can't recommend them highly enough. No what we'll give you is a few select tracks the finest Indie and Alternative Christmas songs and maybe point you towards unofficial releases like videos of live covers and radio specials. Of course com…