Hey we are back - Courteeners - Winter Wonderland

Hey were back, been a long year and I'm sorry we are starting kinda late but we've been having computer issues in xmassongblog towers...... but then it's been a rather slow start to the xmassong season. We only cover the biggest most exciting indie releases on xmassongblog so whilst alot of our friends have plenty to put up we don't have much to show so far this season.
Phoenix promised but now seem to have taken away their xmassong with Bill Murray. I'm still hopeful but not holding my breath.
Then of course the Killers are going to releasing a new xmassong. All we know so far is that it will be called Dirt Sledding and it will as always be raising funds for the (red) charity.
Finally some good news of a confirmed single we can actually listen to. The Courteeners have stepped in with Winter Wonderland. It's not the classic song but a whole new tune. It's a downbeat song alluding to the difference between the idea and the reality of fresh snow and/or a new relationship.
It's bloody good and I'm sure it'll be making an appearance on one of my playlists soon. Have a listen below.


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