The First few Christmas songs of 2016 - Best Coast and Marika Hackman

Aside from a few efforts it's been a slow start few indie Christmas tunes this year but the good stuff is starting to trickle through.

We've already blogged our disappointment at She and Him's effort and the Killers released a compilation album with only one extra track and it was a spoken word one at that. A shame but at least it's for a very worth cause so get that here when it's released on CD December 9th.

We've had a Best Coast song on our playlists before albeit with Wavves that time. This year they have provided an original song for an Amazon Prime exclusive. I'll pass on the Christmas TV but the songs a rather bouncy indie affair. It's like they were deliberately trying to get on this blog to be honest because it's right up our street. Check it out below, I do believe it's available now.
Also on our radar and soon to be released is Marika Hackman's Christmas ep. She's graced our playlists with her versions of O Come, O Come Emmanuel  and Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. There's a new version of the former and the later is not included so it's 6 original songs. Some tracks are already released as is the way these days but you can get the whole lot on Dec 2nd. It's high quality stuff and well worth a listen.

It was Christmas Underground which is a fabulous blog which first pointed me in the direction of this ep so I'll give them their due and point you towards them here. 

 Meanwhile listen to the first track released below.


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