Where do you find Indie Christmas songs?

You'll be realising by now that my tastes in music are somewhat acquired and not going to suit everyone. So where should you head to find the great alternative Christmas tunes for you? Well there's loads out there, but I've been hunting Christmas tunes for 10 years now so here's my guide to the blogs and shops that are worth hunting for your perfect Christmas tunes.

One of my favourite blogs on the internet is stereogum. They've been posting lists of new Christmas songs on and off for years now. Try these lists from 2004 2005 2007 2009 2010 2011plus a buyers guide to xmas music in 2006 and their all time best list from 2013.

Music news sites are full of Christmas tunes in December Pitchfork and NME are two of the best.

As for blogs particular favourites of mine are generally the ones that have helped me find and download Christmas tunes preferably for free.

17 Seconds likes a good Christmas tune, has great taste and often posts new Christmas tunes like this post.

survivingthegoldenage really likes Christmas songs and posts lots as they are released.

stubbyschristmas  is an amazing blog. Never misses a good xmas tune. They include everything so not all of it is indie or alternative. I am always checking here to pick up the tunes I've missed.

Radio stations love Christmas too. they regularly post covers of Christmas class performed live in their studios. Here in the UK radio1 and radio 6 music are superb.

Once you've found the track you want it's a case of finding a copy to play. The Hype Machine can help but increasingly it's a case of checking iTunes and Amazon to download copies. However this costs money but in their defense they are increasingly being the driving factor behind the creation of music such as is happening this year with Amazon's "All is Bright" compilation from which Beth Orton's cover of a Joni Mitchell classic will appear, check it out already here.  Of course Youtube can have them too but I could not possibly condone ripping an MP3 from there. 

Finally I'll keep posting great alternative Christmas tunes here and attaching as many links as possible as I go. If you've got suggestions email me at xmassongblog@outlook.com or follow @xmassongblog on twitter where I'll be posting new tunes as I find them.


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