10 Coolest Christmas songs in the world right now 2015

A few years back a Beth Ditto Christmas song was the coolest thing that could possibility happen. Much as I like that tune a lacklustre last album and few years since The Gossip released anything that excited us, has left that song no where near as cool.
So here is my list of the coolest xmassongs right now, I plan to do a list every year as songs and artist get cooler or new artists appear.
The main criteria is that I think the song and artist are cool. It's worth mentioning here that I am based in the UK. Some of these bands will not be cool anywhere else. Furthermore it's about who is cool to me right now. This does not mean that the songs or the artist are the best, they will not all be cool next year and my taste is notoriously bad anyway. Check it out below, agree with me or not? Let me know in the comments or @xmassongblog on twitter.

10 Shins - Wonderful Christmastime
Every students indie rock favourite start off our list even if it's been 3 years since we last had an album off them.

9 Slow Club - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
My favourite song from the many Christmas tunes the Sheffield duo have released. Last years album was a motown drenched stormer.
8 Low - Just Like Christmas
This is the best Christmas song ever if you ask me. They just seem to release brilliant music year in and year out. This years Ones and Sixes was yet another highlight of their career. To me they will always be cool.

7 Maria Hackman - O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Marika Hackman is still in the infancy of her career. Check it out at her Soundcloud. Get the song on Daisy Digital's Christmas second compilation at Bandcamp.

6 Dum Dum Girls - On Christmas
The Dum Dum Girls are the coolest ice queens about. They've released a steady stream of the coolest songs over the last 5 years. Regular posts about them at Stereogum usually is a good indicator of coolness. Check it out you can get it for free at Soundcloud.

5 Beach House - I do not car for the winter sun.
Released in 2010 they've had consensus album of the year and all round critical acclaim since then. This year they gave us two albums of loveliness and will be all over the end of the year lists.

4 Bombay Bicycle Club - In the Bleak Midwinter
From BBC radio One's live lounge. Bombay Bicycle club are beloved of the UK critics with good reason. They took 2015 off. Will they be back in 2016. If they are there will be all sorts of excitement here.

3 Mark Kozelek - Christmastine is here
Sun Kil Moon were all over the year end lists in 2014 with Benji. A moody cool take on Christmas here from their main man here. Charlie Brown has never sounded so unimpressed. That's quite the achievement.

2.    Last Christmas (Live) - The XX
Live in the BBC radio One live lounge. The Live lounge is always a good place to find the best new music. The XX have been cool from the start. Jamie XX's solo album this year just confirmed it mashing styles together yet keeping enough space to allow the songs to come out in one undescribable whole. Making the Christmas Cheesepop fest cool again is one mammoth task.

1 Scottish electronic band CHVRCHES do a similar thing to Christmas classic in their Live lounge turn. They keep it cool and sparse and it's all the better for it. After releasing their Sophomore album this year they've been finding themselves deep into the top ten of most of the end of the year lists. In all the right places at all the right times. Chvrches have our coolest track for 2015.

So am I right or an idiot. Let me know in the comments or email xmassongblog@outlook.com or @xmassongblog on twitter


  1. Its a great post.I like this new collection.But my favorite Christmas song for ever is Jingle Bells.
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  2. I love all the songs you have shared in here. Thank you for sharing the list! :)

    Ann Torres
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