Most Depressing Christmas Songs

Are you not feeling the Christmas spirit? Here's our guide to alternative musics most miserable Christmas songs.
I Believe In Father Christmas - Six By Seven
Just like the weather in Liverpool right now it there is no snow it just keeps on raining in the decidedly grumpy Greg Lake cover. (Weather update 2 years later and it's still a horrible sleet like rain)

Hurts - All I want for Christmas is new years day.
Wishing Christmas all away are Hurts here, they've had quite enough already.

Gruff Rhys - Slashed Wrists This Christmas.
What could be more depressing than suicide. The Super Furry Animals lead singer takes the subject head on.

Adrian Moffat - Plastic Mistletoe
Our favourite miserable Scot sounds like he's singing direct to the bottom of his whiskey glass.
Bright Eyes - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Anyone who has seen Meet me in St Louis knows this is not the cheery Christmas tune it's often presented as. Even so Connor Oberst brings it right down on this version.

Mark Kozelek - Christmas Time is Here
Sun Kil Moon singer Kozelek channels his inner Charlie Brown to bring the Melancohly right out of this holiday favourite, even copying Charlie and Linus' lines.

Tom McRae - Wonderful Christmastime
I always hated this McCartney song. That's why it's so apt that its sung like the next cigarette might just be Tom's last. He's far from having a wonderful time.
The National - Christmas Magic.
A melancholy reminder that there are those who are cold and hungry outside over Christmas. It doesn't pull any punches. 
Broken Records - My Beer Drunk Soul is Sadder than all the Dead Christmas Trees in the World. 
Broken Records have never got the attention or plaudits they've deserved. The tempo is up but the title says it all. 
What do you think? Do you know any more depressing Christmas tunes. Let me know in the comments, via email or via twitter @xmassongblog

If you really are having a rubbish Christmas let me know and we shall see what I can do to help. If you are in the UK or The Republic of Ireland maybe speak to someone at I used to volunteer there before work got in the way. Wherever you are there are friends out there, don't think you are alone.... I love these songs for a reason...  


  1. Nice selections!
    Here's another.

  2. Have you heard the new "Dark Christmas" EP from Don't Call Me Ishmael? That sucker is about as depressing as it gets. And I mean that in a good way.

  3. There is of course The little boy that Santa Claus forgot, probably the saddest seasonal song ever. I love the version by A Girl Called Eddy. One my fave depressed xmas songs is Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant by Diamond Rugs

  4. Nice list! Here's a couple more for you:

    Kishi Bashi "It's Christmas, But It's Not White Here In Our Town"

    Dolorean "Hard Candy Christmas"

    Sufjan Stevens "That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!"

    David Bazan "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

  5. srsly.

  6. oh whoops thought it would show thumbnails. that was Tom Waits. this is PRINCE "Another Lonely Christmas" performed by James from Dump and Yo La Tengo..

  7. New Christmas Classic Listen here and comment


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