Palma Violets / Summer Camp with new Christmas tunes

I mean honestly, how is one supposed to write a blog on Christmas songs when the girlfriend keeps breaking the computer.

Anyways the drip drip drip of indie Christmas tunes has begun.... I'll be dropping my playlist shortly but before then check out Palma Violets Christmas song. I have to admit I was not expecting this one. The South London rockers didn't really strike me as a xmassong sorta band. It's a really rather good tune with a suitably woozy video check it out below.

Then there is the return of Summer Camp. They are becoming regulars round here. This year they've taken their previous covers of Christmas Wrapping and Last Christmas and filled out an EP with their new tune - I don't wanna wait til Christmas. It's a collection high of quality even if our favourite tune of theirs isn't present. So check that tune out here Then hear the lead song from the new EP here and if you like that you can get it from Amazon


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