Alternative Christmas Music: 2017's Playlist

Another year another playlist, Have a good one and let us know what you think on twitter @xmassongblog


  1. Holiday Road – Tennis
  2. Last Christmas – Chad Peck
  3. In the Bleak Midwinter – Marika Hackman
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone – Lucy Rose
  5. Silent Night – Flaming Lips
  6. Happy Christmas (War is over) – Damien Rice
  7. Silver Bells – The Dandy Warhols
  8. Carol of the Drum – The Polyphonic Spree
  9. The Christmas Song – Mark Kozelek
  10. Blue Christmas – The Lumineers
  11. Sleigh Ride – Sentinel
  12. Christmas Time Is Here – This Is The Kit
  13. Christmas Magic – The National
  14. Little Town of Bethlehem – Kate Rusby
  15. Stained Glass Windows – Michael Angelakos
  16. Jack’s Obsession – Sparklehorse
  17. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas = Phoebe Bridgers
  18. Christmas Song – Weezer
  19. Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again) – Mac McCaughan

1. Tennis - Holiday Road.

We've been here before with Holiday Road but this is a really good cover, all jangling guitars and bouncing beats and Alaina's vocals soaring. 

2. Last Christmas - Chad Peck
We got alot of Last Christmas covers this year in tribute to the late George Michael. This grungy version by Kestrals singer Chad Peck caught our ear.

3. In the Bleak Midwinter - Marika Hackman
Marika Hackman released her Christmas EP last year. This slow burning carol was the highlight.

4. Ok so this is probably pop music and a stretch to our claim to present the best Indie alternative Christmas music but we just can't help but like Lucy Rose and this is a corking version of the Shakin Stevens classic.

5. Silent Night - Flaming Lips. Flaming Lips have done a few versions of this song under different guises, including on their secret album by alter ego Imagene Peise This is a subtle slow version. As classic as flaming lips ever get it still spins exoticly in the background. 

6. Happy xmas (war is over) - Damien Rice this is exactly as you'd expect it Rice drags any fun out of the song and almost makes it sarcastic. With so little progress on peace since this song was first released you kinda see his point.

7. Silver Bells - Dandy Warhols. You can get other Dandy Warhols Christmas songs for free here but this one is part of the Amazon playlists. No video or soundcloud so check it out here.

8. Great video this, quarterbacks join the nativity and a volcano spurts gold. This version of the song is rather good too.

9. I always use this video for the sun kill moon singers songs, but this album works as a whole so it's worth listening to it all together. This time it's is for The Christmas Song which starts at 36:42. 

10. Blue Christmas - Lumineers You know when your all set to dislike a song because of who it is by. Well I had these down as not very good one hit wonders. But this is a fine Country version of the standard.

11. Never heard of these til they tweeted me. (@xmassongblog thanks for asking) This is dreamy dream pop it bounces along nicely to begin with then the guitars get scuzzier towards the end and thats alright by me. Better still it's free just click on the player and head over to bandcamp.

12. This is the kit only came to our attention this year which is why this version passed us by a bit last year but it's one of my favourites now. Which reminds me I must put together a blog post with the best versions of this song. 

13. Short sweet and melancholy, The National take a song from Bob's Burgers and darken the already Dark Humour.

14. Mercury nominated Folk singer Kate Rusby gives a beautiful version of the Christmas carol. From her "While Mortals Sleep" Christmas album. 

15. Stained Glass Window - Michael Angelakos. Passion pit singer with almost seasonal name Angelakos soundtracked a film last year and this was the highlight. His distinctive voice shines through in this classic sounding new holiday song. It might just be my favourite on this years playlist.

16. From a re-imagining of the songs of the Nightmare Before Christmas. It's Sparklehorse with Jack's Obsession. They take the chorus from Danny Elfmans composition and just marry an acoustic guitar with fragile vocals.

17. Phoebe Bridgers is hanging around the sharp end of best album of the year lists right now. This downcast version of the Meet Me in St Louis favourite shows why. But we'd recommend you check her album out. 

18. Weezer - Christmas Song. We grew up on Weezer so we loved the Weezer Christmas songs when they came out. Still working through them a playlist at a time.

19. It's a year out but the sentiment still applies. People we love died and there's some horrible people still running this planet.It can't possibly get worse next year?

So that's our playlist for this year. Let me know what you think, tweet us on @xmassongblog or email and have a good Christmas


  1. Some super fun indie songs here! Thanks for posting! :)

  2. Great list! I love non-traditional Christmas songs. Here's a playlist of some lesser-known Christmas music:

    1. Thanks for this - going to try it in the car on the way to in laws. Sharon Jones and April Smith! Looks great!


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