Best Alternative Silent Night covers

My copy of iTunes tells me that I have 37 different versions of Silent Night! Here's my favourites.
Do you know another version, a better version, leave me a comment below or maybe drop me a line on twitter @xmassongblong or email me

I'll do this as a countdown top of the pops style. So in at 10 it's

The Flaming Lips with Silent Night.
From their alter ego Imagene Peise album this is an elctro jazz instrumental with the focus on the mental. It's a noodling lilting piece with no direction and all the better for it. They also do a more classic cover with lyrics if you must.

Down at number 9 it's Low with Silent Night. Slowing the song down even further than it is already. It's stripped down to just the harmonies and the stillness

Straight in at 8 its The Kills with Silent Night.
Performed for BBC radio 6 music in 2011 if memory serves. How does one convey such attitude with such a simple song and one guitar?

Falling to earth like a snowflake at 7 it's Glasvegas with silent Night. A growled version gives way to a choral choir and it shouldn't work but it does.

Then at 6 we have Mark Kozelek with Silent Night. He lifts the tempo gently a surprisingly upbeat tone to his voice  but only when compared to the other songs on his Christmas album. The video is the whole album so skip to 22:00 for silent night.

Then at 5 we have some proper guitars out with Weezer and Silent Night. They keep it as quiet as they can but its hard to be silent when your guitars are plugged in.

At 4 is one of Sufjan Steven's versions of Silent Night of which I have 3. This is the most complete with acoustic guitar and piano that washes over and a choir backing it's a classic take like the best Christmas church service and I reckon Sufjan would be pleased with that.

Into the top 3 we go with Spiritualized and Silent Night. Jason Pierce keeps its classic playing live at the Union Chapel. He just has a voice of a man who has experienced everything and is only just standing through it all.

Just missing out on the top spot it's The Dickies and Silent Night. Enough with the silence already. The Dickies romp through the song at pace with a good old fashioned punk stomp. Hardly silent.

And so straight in at number 1 it's a big old indie collaboration of Richard Hawley, Jarvis Cocker and Lisa Hannigan. It's a beautiful take, as tender and mild as lyrics suggest.


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