Best alternative New Year Songs

Goodbye last year, hello new year. Here's where xmassongblog ends for the year but lets go out with the very best alternative new years songs including an Auld Lang Syne for all tastes. The market for New Year songs isn't as big as that for Christmas songs so give me a nudge if you know of others either in the comments or @xmassongblog on the twitter.

Right lets begin with Beach House and New Year from the massive critical success of an album that was Bloom.

Next let's have the first of a few versions of Auld Lang Syne. I was a right little punk kid so I'm always partial the pop punk of Washington's MxPx. Blast this out at midnight to wake any neighbours who have tried to sleep through the new year.

Nottingham band Six by Seven were always threatening to be a big deal during my teens but never really broke out of the pages of NME to anywhere approaching the mainstream. The songs not got a great dealing with the New year beyond the title and some backing vocals but it's a great tune and a fine way to start as you mean to go on.

Next lets get bang up to date. 2016 has been a shit year for all sorts of reasons and Superchunk's Mac McCaughan gets the feeling just right. 2017 isn't 2016 it's already onto a winner.

Whilst we are all feeling down about things let's go deep down with the ever miserable Bonnie Prince Billy and Trembling Bells. Who wants to have party anyway?

Ok Ok Let's have some cheer with A sufjan family singalong version of Auld Lang Syne. Like the finest Church band ever.

Regina Spektor plays it uncharacteristicly straight on this one. None of the vocal gymnastics and awkward melody changes she usually gives us, just a pretty little hopeful new year ballad.

Death cab for Cutie were at their best when this led out the Transatlanticism album.

Right are you in the mood to start the new year? NOFX want a revoloution and are prepared to write a sweary song about it. Shame it didn't work since it came out 4 years ago now, oh well.

Finally back to Auld Lang Syne and beside the MxPx song above this i my favourite version and it's one you can play to your parents. It's folksy bounce through the verses I never learnt the words of. I'll say farewell now till next year, hope it's a good year for you.


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