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Ok so it's the 12th December and I've not put a single post on for the month, I'll admit that it's just not good enough for a Christmas music blog.... but I have a very valid excuse. I spent the first week of December in Iceland with Miss xmassongblog where she agreed to sometime soon become Mrs xmassongblog. So since then I have been busy with family cooing over a ring, you know the sort of the thing. Anyways tonight I have an evening off whilst she meets family so here we go.

Firstly Amazon updated their Indie for the Holidays playlist with a bunch of new songs. There's a Dandy Warhols cover of Silver Bells which is rather good but the stand out track is Tennis doing a cover of the National Lampoon's vacation song "Holiday Road" Tennis are probably a bit for this blog we usually leave the properly alternative stuff to the excellent Christmas Underground and Cutting Edge of Christmas. Check them out after checking out the cover below.

Then there's also a new Low Christmas single. Being the band that released the all time greatest Christmas song ever this new song has some high standards to live up to. It's called Some Hearts (at christmas Time) and it's a nice song just not them at their brilliant best. It's out on sub pop have a listen and let me know what you think.

Finally for this post Michael Angelakos is the lead singer of Passion Pit. He releases Merry Christmas Mr Fields OST next week and has headed it up with "Stained Glass Window" a rather lovely Holiday ballad, recognisably him but completely different to the usual Passion Pit sound. It's unclear what the actual project is whether it's an actual film, TV show or just a collection of videos to Angelakos' songs. Either way have a try of that lead single below and I'll be back to check out the full album and to post more regularly from here on in.... I promise.


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