10 Coolest Christmas songs in the world right now 2016

This is where we run down the two coolest Christmas songs in the world each year as new artists appear and old artist become less exciting. It's all my opinion but it's my blog so yeah, deal with it. Check out last years post to see how things have changed.

10. They released a great album this year, so at 10 it's Scottish miserablists Frightened Rabbit.

9. No new music from them this year but consensus album of the year contenders with their past two.

8 Low - Just Like Christmas
Still the best Christmas song ever if you ask me. They released a new Christmas song this year but nothing to match this majesty.

7 CHVRCHES were number 1 last year but with no new music they drift down to 7 this year.

6 The Sun Kil Moon singer has been a shoe in for end of year lists for a few years now. For a Christmas song fan however this is the piancle.

5 This was released after we compiled last years list. Whilst we still await the first new album since they reformed we shall make do with this Christmas song.

4 Michael Angelakos is the lead singer of Passion Pit, so a Christmas themed album sounds like the coolest thing that could happen this year. Well it is to us. It's a lovely thing with a lovely video to boot.

3 Tennis have been on our radar for a while but never seem to make that break through despite their knack for catchy off kilter pop. They have a new album in 2017 so maybe that will be their year. Still this cover seems to suit them, it rattles along at a joyful sing a long pace.

2 Lucy Rose's Merry Christmas Everyone was on a BBC advert this year, a number of people have been asking me what this song is. It's grown on me since it was released a few years back.So much so it's the second coolest Christmas song this year.

1. So number 1 this year is the XX. They've only released one song from the new album out early next year but already I'm over excited. their live lounge version is the coolest Christmas song in the world right now.

So am I right or an idiot. Let me know in the comments or email xmassongblog@outlook.com or @xmassongblog on twitter


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