Best alternative Last Christmas covers

I've been meaning to do this post for a while but with yesterdays sad news of George Michaels passing this seemed like the time. I appreciate most people will want to listen to the original, it's just not my style of music. So here are our favourite alternative covers of this most ubiquitous of Christmas classics.

Let's get things rolling with The Manic Street Preachers. Apparently this was one of Richie Edward's favourite songs before the guitarist and lyricist disappeared. It's recorded live, just lead singer James Dean Bradfield and an acoustic guitar.

Next we have Florence and the Machine, originally recorded for BBC radio 1's Christmas party there is a fair bit of chatter in the background but the harp and Florence Welch's voice make this truly special thing.

Now have a proper studio recorded version. Summer Camp have been one of my favourite new bands too long to called that anymore but they don't half make great Christmas music.

This is from this year. It's Kestrals singer Chad Peck and a rockier version.

We shall bring it back down with Erland Oye, he's one half of the Kings of Convenience and his take brings out the Melancholy that underpins the song's narative.

This next is probably my favourite version. A downtempo dance version, when the melody kicks in it's easy to just get lost in it. Again it's from BBC radio 1 this time in their live lounge.

Coldplay sent this shortened version of the song in their 2007 message to their fans. Short and ever so sweet.

A strumalong version from Cribs frontman Ryan Jarman and Kate Nash that wouldn't work in other peoples hands but suits both their styles perfectly. Recorded whilst they were an item it bounces through at a nice little pace.

So smooth is Jimmy Eats World's version it's easy not to recognise that it's the rock band from Arizona. Just sit back relax and enjoy.

Folk singer songwriter Frank Turner is another who keeps it simple and sings along with crowd on his cover.

Ok lets finish with Arab strap singer Aidan John Moffat. He's got the full disco beat behind him so it's almost karaoke. Frankly he almost sounds drunk and it's complete with screeches of interference but there is no mistaking his Falkirk drawl.

Surely there is something for everyone in that list, but please let me know if you know another good one. You can email me at or @xmassongblog on twitter.
Rest in peace Mr George Michael, thank you for the excellent song you'll excuse us if we just carry on singing along.


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